Reasons Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

Reasons Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

Dead trees are not only eyesores; they also can be potential hazards to your home and property. Before using a tree removal service to come out and remove the dead tree, consider the reasons why you want it removed and the potential cost you may incur.

Dead trees not only attract pests but are also unattractive

As any reputable tree company will tell you, dead trees are unattractive for a variety of reasons. A dead tree doesn’t stop being a home to wildlife and other pests. Besides the normal birds and bees that trees normally attract, a dead tree can also become a home for rats and termites. Termites can also then spread to your home, as can rats! This is a fantastic reason to call that tree removal service without delay! The cost of removing a tree is nothing compared to the cost and time it takes to rid your home of termites or rats. Also, dead trees just aren’t pleasing to the eye. Instead of a lush, green front or backyard, imagine just having dead trees. Having your tree removal service come take those dead trees out to make space for new growth. Curb appeal is one of the major things new buyers look for if you ever try to sell your house. Dead trees don’t sell houses.

Tree diseases are contagious, and dead trees can be dangerous

According to many tree removal services, tree diseases can be incredibly contagious to other trees on your lot, as well as your neighbors! For instance, powdery mildew causes green leaves to turn yellow or yellow-green due to chlorosis. That disease can even spread to any flowers you may have planted around the base of the tree. There are many other types of tree diseases – Anthracnose, oak wilt, cedar rusts, etc. In addition, dead trees pose other physical risks to anyone in their vicinities. Your tree company can tell you horror stories about branches falling off dead trees and killing people. On a windy day, a tree can fall and cause major property damage to your car, your house, your fence, etc. If they fall on your neighbor’s property, that can be potential liability insurance claim that could cost you significant amounts of money. Worst case scenario, imagine a tree branch falls and seriously or injures someone. Even if you have good homeowner’s insurance, you will still be liable. More details here:

What potential costs may I incur?

Depending on the size of your tree and the location on your property, your tree removal service should be able to give you an estimate. In some cases, due to the size, a crane may be required. Many tree removal services don’t have this type of equipment onsite, so additional costs are required for them to rent the equipment.

Dead trees can cause major issues to your property. Consult your local tree removal service to help save your property from potential damage and to remove that eyesore before it becomes a more serious issue!