When is it Time for Fruit Tree Pruning & How to deal With Extra Fruit

When is it Time for Fruit Tree Pruning & How to deal With Extra Fruit

The method and timing of fruit tree trimming are very important factors when it comes to enhancing the quality and amount of your crop. The best way to create an open scaffold for your crop is to know or learn more about when is the right time to prune your fruit trees. Tree service is very important but it is supposed to be performed by professionals only because if poorly done it will affect the quality of the fruit tree. Pruning should be done in a way that the fruits are not affected or broken. For healthy trees and bountiful crops, proper pruning is very necessary.

When to prune fruit trees

Pruning of trees differs from one fruit tree to the other depending on the species of the tree. There are some fruit trees that do not need to be pruned once they have been trained because this may affect the quality and yield of the fruits. What is important in fruit tree pruning is the initial pruning and therefore it should be done in a proper way so that the young fruit trees can be able to produce stems that are thick and open canopies to allow air to enter. This is very important because it promotes flowering and reduces bacterial and fungal diseases. Tree trimming is also important and if done properly can lead to high yields in terms of fruits. When to fruit trees sometimes depends on ones goals. If you want better quality harvest from you’re your apple tree then you should know the right time to prune the tree.

Fruit tree pruning after the first year

Knowing how to prune a fruit tree for the first three years is very vital. The main aim of this is to promote fruiting branches, increase scaffold strength and to minimize rubbing and crossing. Summer time is the best to prune those fruit trees that have been newly planted and this is after the new growth has started to sprout as a result of the initial cuts. You should remove all the new growth when they have reached around 3 or 4 inches but you have to choose a central leader before removing all the other branches that are below it. Tree pruning is very significant and it is what determines the productivity of the tree in terms of fruits and this therefore means it should be properly done. On the other hand it is very important for you to know how to deal mature trees. On such trees dormant pruning is done in order to ensure that the branches are kept in shape. Read more.

Last but not least, pruning is very important to any fruit tree and proper pruning is what will determine the quality of the harvest. According to experts winter pruning allows for rigorous growth and therefore fruit tree farmers should take advantage of this. Also tree removal service should be done by a professional so that the fruits of the trees are not affected.